Wheely 7 Level 5

Wheely is a well known game series. Millions of people all around the world already played these games. Wheely 3 was the first game I played, and after that – I finished all of them. In my opinion – these games are super addicting because they are very challenging. The first levels are always pretty easy, but don’t get used to that – there are many hard ones.

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Wheely 7 came out a year or two ago, and became super popular. This game is not as challenging as Wheely 6 for example, but still – it sis really fun and will take you some time to complete.  Many people use YouTube walkthrough videos nowadays to complete hard games. Now, I know that some of you will say this is cheating, but in my opinion – there is nothing wrong with getting some help. You can try completing the game yourself, and only if you encounter a really hard level – use YouTube.

Since Wheely 7 is a popular game, there are many walkthorugh videos of it on YouTube. I will embed one of them here so you won’t waste your time searching for one. I persoanlly never use this kind of videos. I like completing games myself – even if that means spending twice as much time. I played many hard and challenging games in the past – and never gave up.


You can also download different Wheely games to your smartphone. They are free, and super fun. I am pretty busy, so I don’t always have the time to play games on my computer. But when the game is installed on your smartphone – you can always play it, even while shopping ! If you have a smartphone with a big and high quality screen – then great for you, this will really make the game much more fun. By the way, if you have a SmartTV, then you can connect your smartphone to it over WIFI and play Wheely on a big TV screen ! I did this many times in the past and everything worked smoothly.


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