Kingdom Rush Unblocked

Kingdom Rush is a widely popular game that can be played on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. The game offers cute graphics, a simple player interface, and easy to understand instructions. It also features an abundance of levels that are sure to keep you contently entertained for hours to come.

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How to Play

Players begin the game by building and upgrading a wide variety of buildings and towers along the map. Place these buildings on the map wisely, as this is the key to successfully beating back the enemy forces that are quickly approaching your castle. Don’t forget to upgrade your buildings as well, to make them more powerful. Whatever you do, do not allow the enemy past the blue circle point on your map. Once they reach this point, they have already successfully won their mission in defeating you and destroying your castle.


The game offers four basic building options for players to use throughout each level: archer towers, barracks, mages guild, and artillery. The archer towers, as the name suggests, houses archers to allow them to shoot from high points along the path as the enemy approaches. Your barracks will create many new soldiers to help you defeat the enemy forces. The mages guild provides incredibly high damage rate and armor piercing capabilities. Lastly, the artillery deals area-of-effect damage to surrounding enemies.

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Each building costs a certain amount of in-game cash. For instance, the archer towers only require 70 game coins, while the artillery costs a hefty 125 coins. While at first glance, these figures may not seem to be very much, drafting an artillery piece in the early stages of a game may not be a wise decision. Furthermore, the cost of building and upgrading these buildings increases as the reach higher levels.

One of the nice features about the game is that at the beginning of each level, it allows you a preparation time period where you can select and build your beginning buildings. Once you have completed that, you can then click the “start” button to allow the enemy army to approach. Additionally, once you have selected the start button, an icon will appear at the top left corner of the screen indicating when and how close the enemy is currently.

Each level has enemies approaching at various waves, with an “end boss” near the end. Also, do not be surprised if you cannot fill in all of the available building location sites before selecting the start game button. That said, as you reach higher levels, you may find yourself rushing to keep up with the flow of enemy hoards.

New and Improved

Recently launched, Kingdom Rush is now offered in an unblocked version to allow players everywhere to enjoy the game. Now, not only can you play on your computer, phone, or tablet, but you can also access the online browser game from any computer, anytime, anywhere! So enjoy playing Kingdom Rush while in school, at work, or lounging around the house, now!

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