Kingdom Rush Tips

Kingdom Rush is a series of interactive war-style flash games where your job is to set up an army base on the outskirts of your kingdom, and protect your kingdom from enemy attacks. To do this, you must strategically place your troops bunker houses so that they defend every inch of the path leading to your kingdom. Many people may find this type of game quite difficult; however, by following these simple tips, you can become a Kingdom Rush master in no time at all. These tips can be used for all of the games in the Kingdom Rush series.


1. Know Your Troops’ Capabilities

There are four types of troops in Kingdom Rush: archers, swordsmen, mages, and artillery. Each troop type offers unique capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Your archers, for instance, offer an excellent firing rate and are capable of accurately killing an enemy target from a long distance. However, they are not very effective against armored enemies, such as Orcs.

Swordsmen are mighty, sword-wielding beings that can take a pounding and deal a good amount of damage. However, like the archers, armored enemies such as the Orcs take less damage from swordsmen. Their main purpose is to block enemies into one area so that your ranged units can successfully kill them.

Artillery units deal an amazing amount of area fire power, with the ability to take out multiple targets with one attack. Their weakness: armored enemy units.

Mages are one of the most powerful units in your arsenal. They have the ability to slow enemy units, as well as induce major damage. However, they render useless against other magical beings, such as shaman.

With this said, use these units to your advantage, as well as your special abilities such as reinforcements, rain of fire, and other special abilities earned throughout the games.


2. Know Your Enemies

Each time you are introduced to a new enemy, you receive a notification on the left of the screen. You also receive tips about these type of enemy units. Be sure to read these tips, and take mental notes. These notifications will give you excellent advice on how to beat each new enemy unit.

Pay close attention to the image within these notifications as well. The images of the new enemy in these notifications will often match what the enemy will look like on the playing field. Keep these images in mind throughout the game, and you can easily conquer most enemy units.

3. Strategically Place Troop Buildings

For most of the levels in the Kingdom Rush series of games, the path is quite windy. Use these loopy paths to your advantage when placing your troop buildings. Your ranged units should be placed close to the inner-most end of the curve in the road. These units could be your mages, artillery, or archers. By placing the ranged units on the inside of a bend, this gives them the advantage of targeting a wider area, and killing more enemy units.

Since your swordsmen do not offer much damage power, place them within close proximity to your archer towers or other powerful troops. They will help to block enemy units within target range of your ranged units, while taking a good beating.


4. Don’t Forget to Upgrade

At the end of each round, you will earn between one and three stars. These stars can be used to purchase upgraded skills for your troops. Use these upgrades, and use them often.

Also, don’t forget that during battle, you can upgrade your troop’s buildings! This can be especially useful during the more difficult attacks and levels.

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