Kingdom Rush Games


The Kingdom Rush games series is made up of four installments. It is a simulation war-game type of flash game that enables players to be the hero and save their beloved kingdom from certain doom. It features high graphics, level advancements, and great riches to be won.

Kingdom Rush 1


In the original version of Kingdom Rush, you play as a mighty warrior that has been instructed by your King to protect the entry path leading to the kingdom. The king has instructed you to create a mighty army, set up camp sites along the path, and kill any approaching enemies that threaten the livelihood of the kingdom. You are given three main types of troops: archers, mages, and swordsmen. Use these troops wisely to defend your kingdom and earn amazing riches and fame.

The game tests your ability to strategically place your troop bunkers and troops to allow for the most beneficial coverage area and best advantages over your enemies. Your enemies are tough, and unhuman-like. In fact, they are not human at all, but mystical beings like Orcs and Ogres. Defeat these mighty savages and save your kingdom before the enemy can take it over and turn everyone to slaves.

Kingdom Rush 2


Kingdom Rush 2, similar to the original version, is a flash game that tests your strategy skills. You play as a mighty knight, instructed by your king to set up camp outside the kingdom walls along the pathway leading into the kingdom. The king has hear d rumor of an invasion plan being enforced by some evil, unhuman-like beings living in the shadow lands. He requests your assistance to defeat these beings, bringing freedom and justice to the lands. He has promised you riches and fame if you can successfully complete this mission.

You accept his offer, with the thought of fame lurking in your mind. You set out for the outskirts of the kingdom, set up camp and train mighty troops to prepare for the invasion. As you are training, the invasion lands. You worry whether you, and your troops, are ready.

Continue on the path of fame. Build more troops and upgrade your barracks. Throughout each level, you will be honored with more powerful skills such as stunning or slowing your enemy. Your troops – mages, archers and swordsmen, rely on your ability to think quickly and strategically place them where they need to be to save the kingdom. Can you handle it?

Kingdom Rush 3


As the third installment of the Kingdom Rush series of flash games, Kingdom Rush 3 offers many similar features and game play modes as the previous two versions. The graphics have improved in this version, as well as the players control over decisions and options in the game. As one of the main introductions in this version, the addition of a coin shop has been included. This allows players to easily select and upgrade their troops, as well as additional bonus skills that the player can use throughout each level.

The main objective of the game remains the same. You play as a noble knight, tasked with protecting the kingdom walls from certain devastation. Your enemy – evil ghouls that are bent on destroying everything in their path. Use your strategy skills to successfully defeat these minions and protect your kingdom and its people. Your king will reward you handsomely if you succeed.

Kingdom Rush 4


This installment of Kingdom Rush is quite different from previous versions. In this version, the character are more animated, the game shop includes many more items for you to purchase to improve your abilities. In addition, you are not only tasked with protecting your castle’s walls, but the king has also instructed you to march and defeat the enemy’s kingdom. Advance through the levels to upgrade your army’s skills and defeat more powerful beings.

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