Kingdom Rush 4

Kingdom Rush 4 is an action packed thrilling game where you play as a king, developing your kingdom and army. Your closest threat is a neighboring kingdom that is trying to take away your land and claim it as their own. These enemies are not of human nature. In fact, they are Orcs and other evil creatures, destined for destruction and mayhem. Build your kingdom, raise an army, and defeat the evil-doers. Your people depend on you.

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You play as a noble King, destined to build a new kingdom and protect your people from certain evil that is lurking afoot. Your objective is to build your kingdom up, raise a royal army, and defeat your enemies with a savage fist and a bloody sword.

Within your castle, there are plots of land designated for building. Select each plot and build an archer bunker and other troop-making buildings to raise your army. Each level adds additional challenges you must face. If you successfully protect your kingdom, and defeat the opponent, you win the level and earn marvelous rewards. These rewards can then be used to purchase additional equipment and spells to help you in future levels.


Kingdom Rush 4 offers many levels for you to play. Each level becomes increasingly harder, with new bosses and more difficult enemy troops to combat. Beat each level, and earn three stars by protecting your kingdom walls to win the level and advance to the next round with more powerful troops and spells.

Additionally, each level has four modes you can play. Complete the first mode to unlock the boss mode. Complete the boss mode to unlock the next mode, and so on. Each mode is more advanced, and more difficult than the last, which makes this game entertaining, fun, and challenging.

Sometimes, you may need to play a level or mode multiple times in order to purchase an item you need from the game shop.


Game Shop

Each time you successfully win a level, you are rewarded with a small number of game shop coins. These coins are separate from the coins you accrue throughout the level, and can only be used in the game shop. Complete each level, collect the game shop coins to purchase more advanced troop buildings, better castle wall defenses, and more powerful spells to cast on thy enemy.


Hacks and cheats are available for Kingdom Rush 4. At some locations, you can find the following hacks.

  • I Button – Ready spells
  • Z Button ­– Take enemy’s money
  • T Button – Increase your money
  • U Button – Build units
  • O Button – Upgrade points
  • 9 Button – Destroy enemy’s structures
  • 8 Button – Kill enemy base
  • 7 Button – Toggle unit’s health
  • 6 Button – Toggle base’s health


Due to the difficulty level of this game, there are video walkthroughs available on many sites, as well as on YouTube. If you are stuck on a level, be sure to check out the YouTube walkthrough videos to see how the experts have completed each level.


Age Appropriate

This game is appropriate for children over 7 years old. There are no graphic images or adult language associated with this game; however, due to the difficult challenges and the need to use strategic planning, children under 7 years old may find the game too difficult to master.


There are two basic setting options available to players to adjust their gaming experience. These options include muting the sound effects and muting the game music.

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