Kingdom Rush 2

Kingdom Rush 2, like the version before it, is an action packed adventure style game that tests your ability to use strategy to over-power your opponent. Use your wits and skill to keep your kingdom protected from the evil clutches of the dark enemies.


You play as a mighty warrior knight. The King has instructed you to form an army to protect the path leading into the kingdom. He has heard rumor of an invasion plan on his kingdom, and he is counting on you to stop them in their tracks. Use the shacks along the entry path and convert them into troop pumping barracks. Train your troops to perform amazing actions to defeat the unknown enemy.

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This version offers three basic settings that the user can adjust to make the gameplay experience more enjoyable. These settings include muting the sound effects, muting the game’s music, and pausing the game. In addition, there are a few hotkeys you can use throughout the game to activate certain special abilities.


You start your mission by converting the run-down shacks along the path into war ready barracks. Each barrack can produce up to three troops of any type. Your basic troop type options are: Footmen, Archers, and Sorcerers.

Kingdom Rush 2

Footmen are your basic warrior type troop. They are not very strong, but they can block your enemies from advancing further.

Archers are your basic ranged attack unit.

Sorcerers wield magic that slows your enemy target, allowing your other troops to take them out.

As you advance through the levels, you can upgrade your troop skills. Upgrading their skills will give you better, more powerful troops. The troop types remain the same; however, their skills become greatly improved with each upgrade.


Your enemies come in many shapes and sizes. Each new level introduces one or two new enemies. The enemies start out rather easy, but as you advance through the levels, they become more difficult to beat. This is why it is important to upgrade your troops as often as you can.

In the first level, you are introduced to the Traitor enemy. This enemy is very weak, but his advantage is his size. He is small, which makes him too hard for your archers to target. Your best defense against the Traitors are your Footmen and Sorcerers. Use your Sorcerers to slow them down, then send in your Footmen to finish the job.

In the second level, you are introduced to the Dark Militia. These enemy troops are well armored and deal a great amount of damage. Your best defense against the Dark Militia are your Sorcerers. Use them to slow the Dark Militia down, allowing your other troops to quickly defeat them.

In the third level, Red Beard shows his ugly, hairy face. He is a Viking Mage with a mind on destruction. He had his magical powers stripped years ago; however, he still has his magical armor. Your archers will do the most damage against him.


Special Abilities

Throughout the game, you will be given special abilities to use. These special abilities can greatly help you defeat the enemy troops. For instance, the Liquid Fire ability will set your enemies aflame! It deals up to 15 damage points each. Hotkeys are available for all special abilities.

Age Appropriate

Kingdom Rush 2 is an action packed game allowing users to defend the path leading to their home kingdom. It features no bloody images or foul language; however, due to the fast paced nature of the game as it advances, children younger than the age of 7 may find it difficult to play.

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