Kingdom Rush 1

Kingdom Rush is a fast paced, action packed game that tests your strategy skills. You play as a noble warrior knight, and are tasked with protecting the city from invaders. Your enemies; un-human like beings from a distant land wielding powerful weapons and will do anything it takes to breach your defenses. Build your army, rally your troops, and protect your kingdom from devastation!

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There are two basic settings players can use to adjust their gaming experience: mute sound and mute music. Additionally, users can follow the developers of Kingdom Rush by “Liking” them on Facebook and following them on Twitter. This lets users stay updated on the game’s most recent advancements, new promotions, and new levels.


Build defensive walls and recruit troops to defend your kingdom. Earn gold by killing your enemies. In a jam? Call on reinforcements to help! Reinforcements are free to use, and may be called upon every 10 seconds! For better ground coverage, move your rally points around for a better advantage over your enemies.

Build your Troops

You are given four basic type of troops to help you defend your kingdom. Each type of troop offers unique advantages to your arsenal of humanoid destruction. Use these troops to your best advantage with precise placement of their living quarters. These troops will die a savage death for you; treat them well.

Troop Type Skill
Archer Towers Excellent rate of fire
Barracks These soldiers can block your enemies
Mage Guilds Mages really pack a punch against armored enemies
Artillery Deals very high damage




Your enemies are coming at you strong and hard. These enemies are of varying strengths, races, and have different skills and weaknesses. Learn your enemies.

For instance, in your first few rounds, you are faced with a couple types of enemies. Goblins are weak humanoid being that are all might but no skill. They have low health and move at a slow to average speed. These monsters are easy to take down with the use of a few of your archers or mages. When you conquer these beings, you find you have upset their more advanced evil brothers – the Orcs. Orcs are savage beings, and wield light armor. They are slower than the Goblins, but they pack a heavier punch. The best advantage you have of defeating these monsters is the strategic placement of your mages.

As you advance, you are up against additional enemies with extraordinary skills. Learn your enemies’ weaknesses to complete each level. Use “Specials” when you get into trouble. There are two main types of specials you can use: Reinforcements and Rain of Fire.

Reinforcements are free to use, and are available in 10 second intervals. It is possible to have multiple sets of reinforcements fighting with you at the same time. However, if your defenses and these reinforcements are not enough to defeat your enemies, there’s always a back-up. This is where the Rain of Fire comes in. Devastate your enemies with a sneak attack from the skies: Call upon the Forces of Good to rain down volcanic hot rain onto them. But, don’t over use this power. It is designed as an emergency back-up. The only flaw it has is its long cool downperiod.



As you advance through the levels of Kingdom Rush, you can earn up to three stars for successfully completing each level. Use these stars to upgrade your defensive walls and troops. The higher your defensive levels, the more powerful you are and the easier it is to take out these blasted enemies.

Age Appropriate

Kingdom Rush is a fast paced strategy game. It does not have any blood spill images or foul language, therefore it is appropriate for most children. Parents should keep in mind though, this game gradually moves faster as levels become more advanced. This is why we recommend Kingdom Rush for players age 7 and above.



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