Curve Ball In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the most successful mobile games ever. Hundreds of millions of people all around the world downloaded and play this game. The first time I heard about it was few month ago. I saw my friend playing it, and after asking him about it – he was amazed that I did not heard about the game yet. He told me that almost everyone plays it. So, I decided to download聽Pokemon Go and see what this is all about.

After playing聽Pokemon Go for a week – I became addicted ! This game is so fun. I run many kilometers each day, so finding different Pokemons was not a problem. It became more and more interesting since new features and missions were added on daily basis. After few weeks, I became a pro ! I had more聽Pokemons than my friends, and believe it or not – take made some of them angry ! I was also very lucky to find rare聽Pokemons almost every few days !

pokemon go

One of the most important things in the game is to throw the curve ball correctly. I found many websites and YouTube videos that show exactly how to throw it perfectly. This helped me very much. Few days ago I read that some guy 3D printed a special case for his iPhone that makes it even easier. I really laughed when I saw the picture of the case. Really cool idea, but come on – do you really need this?

Do you play Pokemon Go? Please let me know and comment below. I am sure that in the future this game will stay popular, and maybe cooler options and missions will be added. Nowadays I don’t play the game as much because I am very busy, but I am sure that in the future that will be changed 馃檪 If you are bored – I recommend watching funny聽Pokemon Go videos on YouTube. There are so many of them. I will attach one of my favorite ones below. I hope you like it.

Feel free to send me your favorite Pokemon Go videos. I will post them here as well 馃檪

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