Kingdom Rush 3

Kingdom Rush 3 is based on the same gameplay concept as the previous two versions. It is played the same, however it includes advanced features, spells, and more difficult villains. Rally your troops to protect the path to your beloved kingdom, before evil steps foot inside and obliterates your friends and loved ones.

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The graphics are similar to those in previous versions. This game is packed with animated characters, vivid colors, and amazing images.


Kingdom Rush 3 allows players to toggle the sound effects and game music on and off, just as it did in the previous versions. However, in this version, you can also toggle the graphics quality. This makes it easier for people with poor graphics cards or slow internet speeds to play freely without lag. Additionally, you can press the “P” button on your keyboard to quickly pause the game, or if you choose, you can click the pause button located at the top of the screen.

Players can play three different “accounts” on this version as well. While you could always start a new game (instead of playing from where you last quit), this feature allows more people in the same household to play the game without disrupting each other’s scores or level advancements.


Similarly to the previous versions, your job is to instruct multiple characters to guard designated areas on the path leading to your kingdom. These characters include swordsmen, archers, and mages. In this version, however, not only can you upgrade each type of troop to become more powerful, you can also purchase new types of troops, as well as additional spells for your mages from the coin shop.


New Troops

New troops types have been added to the third installment of Kingdom Rush. You now have ballistics advantages such as ballistas, boulder throwing strongmen, and Kung Fu fighting ninjas all fighting on your side. Each of these new troop types, as well as similar troop types from previous versions, are all upgradable to make for a powerhouse army.

Coin Shop

The coin shop offers a new addition to the gameplay experience. While you still need to use coins throughout each level in order to upgrade troop bunkers, or build new ones from scratch, any coins you have left over when you have successfully completed the level will be your end reward. In addition to these coins, you earn bonus coins for successfully killing all enemy troops without letting any pass by your army.

These coins can then be used in the coin shop. In the coin shop, you can purchase new weapons for your foot soldiers and ballistic units to use, as well as additional spells for your casters. In the Spell Book section of the coin shop, you can purchase bonus spells. These bonus spells must be clicked on during the game in order to be used. They differ from the spells your caster uses in that they include a cool down period, where your caster’s spells do not.


Age Appropriate

Although this game is considered a war-style game, it does not include any graphic images or adult content. It is appropriate for children over the age of 7. Due to the strategic placement this game requires, children under the age of 7 may find it too difficult to play with ease. However, some children under the age of 7 may enjoy the challenge. Parents are advised to play the game first before allowing their children to play, and use their personal judgment as to whether they find the game suitable for their child.


Due to the difficulty level of Kingdom Rush 3, there are many video walkthroughs available to you should you get stuck on a level. You can view these walkthroughs on YouTube, to help you through the difficult levels.

Mobile Version

Did you know that you can play Kindom Rush on your smartphone for free? Check this page out for more information about that. You can also find there screenshot from the game app.


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